You are Pure Awareness

You are the non-local unified field of Pure Awareness. Watch this rhythmic dancing phenomenon of transient forms and sensations called “life”; that magically come and go withing the vast infinite space of your formless and timeless un-associated being. Anon I mus

Beyond the ego

Stay mindful-alert of the voice of the unhealthy ego that is lurking inside your head. It will judge you and other people or circumstances as bad (through projection), play the helpless victim role in your life’s story, create drama to give itself a false feeling of self-importance and power, see separation and disconnectedness everywhere in the world and with the Divine, manifest or imagine the illusion of fear, it will live and react from the past instead of respond from the present, and its “precious” attachments to thoughts, beliefs people and material things. Bring it into the light of Love, Awareness and Presence to be transformed and transmuted into light itself.

Anon I mus

Divine love poem

Divine love is likened unto an eternally present and all encompassing harmonious circle, without any edges or boundaries.
This still and silent vast infinite ocean of space is “Ultimate Freedom”. Both empty as a container; yet full of the endless expressions of forms in space-time, playfully winking in and out of existence as the content held within it.     

Anon I mus