Relationships can truly be heaven on earth

“When creating a successful and healthy spiritual partnership with someone, it is important to understand that the true nature of what Love is and what love is not.  Spiritual Love is not a sentimental act or emotion to secure and possess someone.  It is not a cocktail mix of lust and pheromones directed towards another.  Spiritual love is a combination of one’s soul/mind/body unselfishly acting on the personal growth and well-being of another.  Spiritual love actually SEES that the same inner divinity-pure consciousness that lies within me is the exact same inner divinity that lies within another (the beloved).  It is in this single recognition that Real Love can flower, creating what we know as “heaven on earth”.
Anon I mus

Enlightened Relationships

I have made commitments in relationships for all the wrong reasons ….physical appearance, wealth, personality traits, happiness, security, sex; to eliminate loneliness and to live up to social and cultural expectations placed on me by society. I have made monumental mistakes in unawareness, learned from them and consciously had to change my perspectives. For the first time in my life I was ready to break out of this shell of self-limiting conditions, and flower in love. Nothing is more important in establishing a healthy, empowering and loving relationship than to measure it by Spiritual Awareness; allowing your SOUL instead of your unconscious mind to be in charge and make the decision for you. Both partners “MUST” resonate on the same page “spiritually”. In other words,  be vibrationally aligned (soul to soul); each seeking out to unconditionally love themselves first, heal one’s own personal wounds, learn to communicate with each other better, take full responsibility for the life they had unconsciously created, seek out the right wisdom, tools and information to enhance themselves, create the space to resolve any relational issues that surface with love, focus on their personal growth-well being and ultimately wake up from the dream of fear, limitation and separation into the Divine, together.

Ego ID-entity

There are many people on their ‘spiritual path’ that struggle to—stay awake, go beyond their egos, let go of fears, old negative habits and belief systems, not give into unconscious reactions, and so forth. Many people postpone their spiritual goals outside of this Now moment into some future moment. This “you’’ that is struggling and having a difficult time in trying to be spiritual was the problem all along. As long as you believe and live your life as the person (personality) who is looking to attain peace, happiness, improvement and/or enlightenment, you will not succeed. You have invested in a mistaken case of identity, ID-entity.

The Real Matrix

The real matrix is a complex self-limiting learning program of Source (Formless Consciousness); designed to have us feel a sense of separateness in the short-lived dream-like world of forms and asleep to our true divine nature (a trick played through the senses).
This illusory matrix program is meant to distract us from entering into the waking world of Enlightenment (the One-ness). UNPLUG
Anon I mus


Anon I mus meaning

Anon I mus
(anonymous, nameless, unknown)

Anon I mus is a contemporary spiritual symbol for the people; teaching us to look beyond our given names, beliefs, roles, social-cultural conditionings, and worldly attachments. We are all encouraged to take a STAND and embrace our nameless, formless and timeless Presence. This creates the vast space to which infinite fields of possibilities can arise out of our Core Self.
In the process of consciously emptying ourselves of form-identification (stripping away all that we are not), what will remain is our True Eternal and Formless Essence (Pure Unconditioned Awareness).