Allow Divine Love to enter

Allow Divine Love to enter

How much of God’s Divine Love will I allow to enter into my entire being in this NOW moment, in spite of ANY mental or emotional resistance of thoughts that I am currently experiencing?
Is the love that I give myself permission to feel set with ANY particular conditions, requirements or demands right NOW?
Do I withhold myself and escape the heavenly peace and harmony that is my natural birthright for any reason NOW?
If not NOW… When? When do I feel I am worthy and able to open the gates of my spiritual heart and allow Divine Love in?
Anon I mus


I Am Divine Light

I Am Divine Light radiating the energy of Pure Unconditional Love; Bringing the Love Awareness into the “Present” is the answer to all of my apparent confusions, perceived fears, and self-imposed suffering in the dream of separation and limitation. -Anon I mus