You are not the sum total of your past choices; you are the witnessing presence behind them. -Anon I mus

By Alexa Chan


“There exists only pure awareness, thou art that.” -Anon I mus

By Alexa Chan

Who & What Are We?


Who are we hidden underneath the garment of a narrow, exclusive human persona, but the God-Self in disguise? -Anon I mus (Spiritually Anonymous)

By Alexa Chan


“When you are touched by genuine love, the flowering of your heart petals forever open up with the highest joy of being” -Anon I mus

By Alexa Chan

See The Real Me

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Dare to look at me beyond my physical eyes… deeper, into the formless, living eternal essence that sees through them. I will have the courage to lovingly do the same with you. –Anon I mus

By Alexa Chan

Conditioned Love


If peace is what you truly seek, then that is the state you would choose for yourself without any conditions placed on it. -Anon i mus

By Alexa Chan


Do not allow the imagined (conjured up) thoughts of fear be the condition you place on feeling your inner source of love. -Anon I mus

By Alexa Chan

Spiritual Ascension


Spiritual ascension is the result of waking up from the dream of separation (ego consciousness) into the divine heart of being. -Anon I mus

By Alexa Chan

Unconditional Presence


The greatest gift you can give another is the purity of your unconditional presence, without adding any judgement. -Anon I mus (spiritually anonymous)

By Alexa Chan


“You are a unique point of view that Cosmic Consciousness (ALL THAT IS) has of expressing and experiencing itself in creation”. -Anon I mus

By Alexa Chan